The Design Cradle (TDC) visual architecture

The Design Cradle required visual architecture for their company that conveyed their organisation values, and the projects in which it would be involved. I was contacted by them to facilitate the process of translating these goals, and to design them into visual architecture. The Design Cradle directors have in-depth and global experience in providing development through innovation, finding solutions in partnership with communities, and offering hope and assistance to organisations. Such knowledge, which is largely abstract in nature, needed to be applied to branding and marketing collateral in the form of a website, business cards, letterheads, presentations and promotional materials. In order to start such an abstract process, the classical Greek etymology of the term logo, which is ‘to reason’ or ‘to rationalise in words and things’, was employed. In other words, with a design lens, in-depth discussions with The Design Cradle’s directors was carried out to understand their goals and challenges in working in a development context. The resulting terms, methods and key-actors were included in the visual architecture’s imagery.