Modular off-grid housing system

The HOME 2.0 project forms part of The Design Cradle's Out of Rural Poverty (OoRP) project. The project uses design driven methodologies to assist South Africa's poorest municipalities with their service delivery needs. My role in the project is in a research and design capacity. The design of the HOME 2.0 has followed a grounded and participatory model, and emerged from the fieldwork that was carried out in the Ratlou and Msinga municipalities. The design itself is based on a fluid technology and Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) methodology. Fluid technology is a contextually driven design method that builds on local skills and community norms.

In other words, a technology is identified and developed based on existing conditions to ensure that future requirements, such as maintenance and on-going improvements, are not reliant on external factors. The coupling of fluid technology to Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) allows for those innovative and contextual solutions, that were identified during the fieldwork phase, to be incorporated into the design. The image above depicts the industrial frame that houses essential utilities such as sanitation, micro-electricity generation and water purification systems. To understand how South African indigenous knowledge links to this frame, please visit the web-page HERE